ARC 2015 success

ARC 2015 success
(05 Nov 2014)

Well, well, well, we couldn’t be happier knowing that Paul and Greg’s ARC Discovery Project proposal got funded… So work on our favourite light harvesting proteins of marine algae will be continued in order to improve our knowledge of how nature achieves its remarkable efficiency in utilising the energy from the sun.



       NHMRC 2015 success

NMHMC 2015 success
(17 Oct 2014)

Yay!!! Great news just arrived this morning that Paul was awarded an NHMRC grant with Till Böcking. The project aims at better understanding of the control and function of the ERM protein ezrin in organising cell membranes. The expected outcomes of this project will enhance our understanding of the processes that underlie ezrin’s role in these disease related processes. What a relief.....!



MALS system up and running
(21 Feb 2014)

Hooray!!! The Multi-Angle Light Scattering (MALS) system has finally up and running. It consists of the miniDAWN® TREOS® and the Optilab® T-rEXTM.

Happy Molar Massing and more…!

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MREII 2014

MREII 2014 success
(22 Nov 2013)

Yay!!! Good news just arrived from the DVC Research’s office that our application submitted under the 2014 UNSW Major Research Equipment & Infrastructure (MREII) Scheme has been successful. We have been awarded ~ $140k to buy a Wyatt Multi-Angle Light Scattering (MALS) system, and a Bio-Rad NQC Chromatography system.


UNSW Goldstar 2013

UNSW Goldstar success
 (19 Nov 2013)

We are working together with Dr. Till Böcking on a project "Coupling the cell cortex to membranes: structural basis for the activation and control of ezrin". The team has received UNSW Goldstar funding for the project!



Juanita's graduation

Juanita’s graduation
(7 Nov 2013)

Congratulations to Juanita Phang for completing her PhD degree. All the best for her future career!

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Lab G15

Shiny Lab
(1 Dec 2012)

Phew!!! We have finally finished moving our lab from the Lower ground floor of the Old Main Building to the Ground floor. Equipment is now all situated in one place. No more running between rooms to do your experiments. How convenient it is!

A big thankyou to all lab members for their tremendous effort to design the new lab, to pack up lab stuff in the previous location, and to organise them in the new location.

Click here to see photos of the shiny Lab in the new location.



Frank joins the lab
(10 Sep 2012)

Frank Orth, a physics undergraduate from the University of Hamburg, joins us as a visiting student. He will be in the lab for eight months, and will be working on the Ezrin project.




Cuong joins the lab
(12 Aug 2012)

Cuong Dinh Nguyen joins us as a Postdoctoral Research Associate. He has just finished his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Joel Mackay at the University of Sydney. Cuong will be working on the Archaeal RNA binding proteins project.


2011 ARC

ARC grant success
(20 Nov 2011)

Hooray! In the recently announced ARC Discovery grant round, we were awarded a three-year ARC Discovery Grant with the title: “Chaperoning proteins and RNA at low temperature: structural studies on a monomeric chaperonin and RNA polymerase EF from an Antarctic archaeon”.  


How algae mastered quantum physics

How algae mastered quantum physics
(4 Feb 2010)

Check out our latest lab paper about “How algae mastered quantum physics” published in Nature.

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